This GT3RS is not 'just' any other GT3RS, this one is driven where it was made for! Get in it, drive it to the track, blast around the track and head back home without any problems. This GT3RS already has sixty-thousand! Yes you read that correctly... 60k kilometers on the clock. With around fifteen thousand of those kilometers being track driven kilometers. That's insane for a street legal car!

Something else that makes this Porsche stand out from the rest is the racing livery. The Martini inspired livery with a different colour scheme looks stunning with the white and red combined with the yellow accents and colou...

Every year we make a day of it, the Essen Motor Show. An event where we can just enjoy the cars, the stands and do some networking. We could go bowling, karting or laser gaming but let’s face it… we are car people and this is what we really like. We like to “highlight” some of the stuff we found in the Messe Essen venue.

the famous Ferrari 308 from Kean Suspensions is loved worldwide by modified car enthusiasts. on the flipside though, it gets a lot of flack by the purists. our opinion in this case is that Kean does a great job of “updating” this 308 to today’s standards. With all the carbon details like most Ferrari’s have nowada...

November 10, 2019

Alex shot this awesome aftermovie from 100% Auto Live 2019. The idea was to put some cool cars attending the show on some familiar locations in the city of Rotterdam. We have to say that this movie worked out like we had in mind. Maybe even better.


November 6, 2019

Some time ago we had the opportunity to go on track to shoot this awesome Mitsubishi EVO 8. It's not your 'everyday' EVO.

Just to give you a small impression on what the car has been trough and all, here's a 'little' list of things that has been changed:

- Forged Crankshaft 100mm stroke 

- Custom improved by NKZ Motorsports

- Connecting Rods Brian Crower I-beam 

- Custom Specs NKZ Motorsports

- Custom JE Pistons 

- Customized by NKZ Motorsports Specs

- Custom NKZ Motorsports cyllinder head

- Kelford camshafts and springs

- HKS timing belt

- Custom made valve cover

- Reinforced cylinder Block by NKZ motorsports

- Head Gasket by NKZ Motorsports


Since 2003 the Ahoy venue in Rotterdam is the stage of this epic car show. Up until edition 14 it was called: "100% Tuning". The name focussed on a particular aspect but over the years the show grew to so much more. To convince the public they needed to change the name. So they did. "100% Auto Live" was chosen and saw its first light in 2018. This year 402Events had the opportunity to organize the 2019 edition. Having put the right people on the right place they made this year one heck of a success with almost 50.000 visitors. 

Mike, Robin and Samm took their cameras and made some great shots. Here are some highlights from the sho...

September 1, 2019

Last night we were invited to come to a GroundNation garage meeting with a number of cars. At the meeting there were plenty of beautiful cars to see and enjoy.

Lots of the cars were simply said: Slammed. The weather was not optimal on arrival so we quickly went from the roof to an intermediate floor to be dry. This didn't spoil the fun, and the meeting could go on spotlessly!

There were all different types of cars! From JDM to Muscle, something for everyone!

Cars from all over the country came together in Utrecht. One car litteraly came right of the dyno and street tuned the car on the way to the meet. Just to show their newest engi...


Last week me, Robin and Alex went out to shoot this awesome Subaru

WRX owned by a dude named, Sjors.

We didn’t met Sjors in real life yet, so we we’re curious how this would

turn out, but Sjors was a super cool dude with some good humor,

patience and good vibes.

The shoot took place at the marina area of IJmuiden, for me it’s a familiar

place because i work in this area, so i had a numerous spots we could

check out. But the sickest spot in IJmuiden has to wait, we are planning

to do a big shoot with multiple revworks cars on that specific location, so

stay tuned!

After hanging out for a short while, we learned that Sjors was a proper


May 6, 2019

Every year we look forward to the biggest and most awesome show in Belgium called: " Heaven on Wheels", aka: "HOW". Only 2 things that are negative to this great day is the fact that it's a 2//2,5 hour drive so the alarm is set really early and the fact that it's held in the last weeks of the winter. That means they have the risk of really cold temperatures. Fortunately this year the weather was really great. The show takes place in a big parking garage underneath a big shopping mall in Anderlecht. This is the ultimate setting for a show this big. Cars from every angle of Europe gathered this day to make it the best possible 1 da...

IAMS, The International Amsterdam Motorshow is the biggest carshow in the Netherlands with a huge diversity from oldschool race cars to the newest and most exclusive hypercars. 

There were a lot of amazing cars, like the Ferrari F40, F50 and the Enzo. Even a stunning specced Pagani Huayra was present. All brands of hypercars and supercars were represented with their finest cars.

RevWorks was present with a big area, filled with performance cars from all regions. From American muscle to German engineering. We created diversity in the RAI with some of the most insane and special turbo builds and supercars. Like the twin turbo Lamborg...

Since we can remember, Automaxx StreetPower kicks off the season for all major outdoor events. We looked forward to it and the past few months we prepared for this event, arranged a dj, Guerilla Exhaust tent, inflatable arches, painted barrels and even got carpet to really go next level. Than the typical Dutch weather happened. From start to finish it kept pouring. In spite of this the paddock was full of cars from all kinds of styles. It goes to show that petrolheads are fed up with the winter months and can’t wait to go to events with their pride and joy. 402Automotive Events gave us a huge spot on the paddock on Circuit Park Z...

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