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100% Auto LIVE 2019

Since 2003 the Ahoy venue in Rotterdam is the stage of this epic car show. Up until edition 14 it was called: "100% Tuning". The name focussed on a particular aspect but over the years the show grew to so much more. To convince the public they needed to change the name. So they did. "100% Auto Live" was chosen and saw its first light in 2018. This year 402Events had the opportunity to organize the 2019 edition. Having put the right people on the right place they made this year one heck of a success with almost 50.000 visitors.

Mike, Robin and Samm took their cameras and made some great shots. Here are some highlights from the show:

We came across this nice build. Standing out in the square not only due to its bright orange color but also because of the overall purpose build look. The turbo sticks out its neck like every BMW that has gotten a boost treatment but this one also has some nice engine dress up to make the engines looks fit with the overall look of the car. A shout out to this car in the FB comments if you want to see a full feature about this orange looker.

The next car is another E30, but this one takes the term "sick" to a whole nother level. This is car belongs to none other than "mr Ross Bradley". It's safe to say that this car is different every year. This man swapped a 5,7 Chevy V8 in to the BMW's engine housing which is ridiculous as it already is, he decided to go one step further if not 10. He bored the engine up to a 6 liter and he has put 2 Holset HX35 turbos on it. It now makes a whopping 880HP. Now this bloke lives in the UK, so a full feature is hard to do but maybe, just maybe there is some English photographer who wants to help us out.

This year AngelWax made this brand new concept called: "the Car Catwalk" possible. A stage where some really special cars took the spotlight. Some cars with unbelievable owner stories and some cars that you normally only dream about. With a booth right next to the staging area they were showing how detailing should be done. Not only Head angel Jurian himself but also "@Detailing_girl" Esme was present.

Mister Dryzane took the opportunity to reveal his freshly designed wrap and bodykit design. The gold & diamond wrap and the bodykit came from his own design table and with help from Wraptor he realised his vision making this BMW 640 look the part.

This big guy called: "Mobicepp" took the stage with his insane cars but also as himself. Doing some inspirational speeches and some athletic challenges with spectators. Handing out samples from his own nutricion brand. Follow him on instagram: @mobicepp

This RS4 and RS6 could be seen as father and son, come to think of it, the owners are father and son. How cool is it to share your passion for cars with your loved ones. From what we heard, grandpa had a big influence on these 2 gentlemans look upon cars.

There was a drift show outside with some familiar faces. Sam Woo from SW-Performance and the Falken drift team with the legendary Remmo Niezen must have done something really special because even with pouring rain the crowds stayed in the stands and formed a huge line towards the action arena.

Inside again we found this huge Honda V6 with a Civic wrapped around it. We like to think that he took the phrase "thinking outside of the box" a bit too literally.

We ran into a familiar face, we recently featured this awesome car here.

You don't see the Volk Racing GTC wheels anymore. But they are one of my personal favorites. It's safe to say that this car defines the phrase: "wheels can make the car".

We ran into this legend again. He was being a bit cheeky like he always does so nothing strange here. Owner of the Guerilla Exhaust company he always succeeds to make great booth with awesome cars drawing crowds by demonstrating his products.

Last but not least we like to show you our own epic booth. The cars showed the public what we stand for. 8 different kind of cars with 2 things in common. They are fast and the people who own them respect each other.

We really enjoyed the show this year and like to thank 402Events for everything.

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