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SuperCarSunday Zandvoort

SuperCarSunday is the biggest supercar event with activities on the track in the Netherlands. This event is hosted twice a year by our partner 402 Events, and this edition was at the well known circuit of Zandvoort.

This was a first for us as RevWorks having a sneak peek into the supercar world with a stand on the paddock.

With a nice diversity on our stand and the big RevWorks bow we surely got a lot of attention. The GTR line-up with the R32 GTR, R33 GTR, R34 GTR and R35 GTR were the centerpiece of our stand. Surrounded by other beautiful cars such as the stunning blue BMW M4cs, the Nardo grey Audi RS6 Performance, Subaru Forester STI and a lot more powerful cars.

SuperCarSunday is famous for it's absurt amount of exotics supercars and hypercars and that wasn't any different this edition. There were all types of ferraris to be seen on track like the F40 and LaFerrari. Also some koenigseggs joined the fun and multiple McLarens drove around.

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