Not an everyday EVO.

November 6, 2019

Some time ago we had the opportunity to go on track to shoot this awesome Mitsubishi EVO 8. It's not your 'everyday' EVO.

Just to give you a small impression on what the car has been trough and all, here's a 'little' list of things that has been changed:


- Forged Crankshaft 100mm stroke 

- Custom improved by NKZ Motorsports

- Connecting Rods Brian Crower I-beam 

- Custom Specs NKZ Motorsports

- Custom JE Pistons 

- Customized by NKZ Motorsports Specs

- Custom NKZ Motorsports cyllinder head

- Kelford camshafts and springs

- HKS timing belt

- Custom made valve cover

- Reinforced cylinder Block by NKZ motorsports

- Head Gasket by NKZ Motorsports

- JMF Manifold customized by NKZ Motorsports

- Turbosmart Wastegate

- NKZ Motorsports screamer pipe

- NKZ Motorsports downpipe

- Custom made intercooler by van der Bel las en radiateurenbedrijf

- Custom made intercooler piping by NKZ Motorsports

- ETT Eindhoven Motorsport spec Garret GTX3582R

- Okada Plasma Projects coil on plug kit

- Mishimoto triple core radiator custom made by NKZ Motorsports

- Custom made oil catch tank


The result you may ask? 706HP & 808NM!

Rick (the owner) bought the cars quite a few years ago. The car has been through some makeovers over the years, but this is the best version of the car so far!

The car rips! Most cars could not come close to this monster during The RevRun. So if you see this nose in your rearview mirror, You'd better move a lane.



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