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IAMS, The International Amsterdam Motorshow is the biggest carshow in the Netherlands with a huge diversity from oldschool race cars to the newest and most exclusive hypercars.

There were a lot of amazing cars, like the Ferrari F40, F50 and the Enzo. Even a stunning specced Pagani Huayra was present. All brands of hypercars and supercars were represented with their finest cars.

RevWorks was present with a big area, filled with performance cars from all regions. From American muscle to German engineering. We created diversity in the RAI with some of the most insane and special turbo builds and supercars. Like the twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo from Sneaky Tuning, the MP CarWorks 1100hp Golf MK4 R32 and ofcourse the 1000hp Supra's.

KCPerformance brought their Saab turbo and their latest build? The Audi RS7 with 950hp and TCC joined us with their own Nissan R35 GTR full carbon company racecar and a 1100 Nismo R35GTR customer car.

This year the "Car Catwalk" was introduced at the show, where some cars got to show off a little bit and have the story about the car told, one of our guys took his 1000HP Supra there, to shoot some flames and make a lot of noise. As a grand finale on Sunday the second Supra was brought to the Car Catwalk. Both cars were standing nose to nose in a battle which was unheard of. Everyone had to cover their ears because of the sound, it was insane!

The show overall was a huge success and we had a blast!

Next year we will go even bigger and better during IAMS!

[Robin Smit]

After seeing many announcements on social media about the rare and most beautiful cars which are being showed at IAMS 2019 it was finally time to check it out!

I visited the show at the preview night and had some time to walk around and take some photos with the nice sunlight coming through the windows! after seeing and talking to friends the gates were open for the preview night! The show was bigger than last year and more cars than before. and there was a good combination between rare cars.. custom cars and car sports! there was enough to see for every petrolhead.

And it was a succes because when I returned on Saturday a huge crowd was waiting to get in.

I saw that the 2020 edition is announced so I will be back next year for sure!

[Samm Dijks]

[Nick Witte]

[Mike Mes]

The second edition of IAMS was a great success. Just like last year, I was present every day to capture the best moments.

This year the 'Car Catwalk' was held for the first time. The organisation build a big stage to present cars to the public. The first days it was not very busy, but as soon as the weekend came in sight it was soon a lot busier.

Porsche 918

This year there were many things present in the Rai, from JDM performance cars to the most exclusive Hypercars. The Porsche 918 has a special place for me. A hybrid Hypercar that has changed a lot within the car world. The looks are futuristic, aerodynamic and beautifully finished. The big brother was certainly to be found; the Carrera GT. The looks of the 'CGT' are just like the 918 flawless.

It was a fantastic weekend full of great cars

and nice people.

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