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AutoMaxx StreetPower.

Since we can remember, Automaxx StreetPower kicks off the season for all major outdoor events. We looked forward to it and the past few months we prepared for this event, arranged a dj, Guerilla Exhaust tent, inflatable arches, painted barrels and even got carpet to really go next level. Than the typical Dutch weather happened. From start to finish it kept pouring. In spite of this the paddock was full of cars from all kinds of styles. It goes to show that petrolheads are fed up with the winter months and can’t wait to go to events with their pride and joy. 402Automotive Events gave us a huge spot on the paddock on Circuit Park Zandvoort and we filled up with a diverse selection of performance cars with a hint of classic and stance.

Our friends from Total Car Concept were on our spot on the paddock. They took some really awesome cars. This R35 GTR stood out though. The color, the wheels and the subtle pinstripes.

This event held all kind of competitions on and off the race track. Like the Show and Shine contest. Three cars that participated in this contest took home cups for the top 10 best of show. Bas his Supra took first place.

Quite some people had the courage to do some track time with their most prized possession. Unfortunately some little crashes happened but no shocking incidents. The plus side of going out on a drenched wet track is that the pictures look really astonishing with the spray the cars produce.

Michael came to Zandvoort with a brand new big single turbo setup and did a couple of pulls on the quarter mile dragrace. We actually have to take off our hats because on a soaking wet 402 meters he managed to set a time of 11,5 sec.

But he also told us that it was too dangerous to keep going. The GTR was all over the track and it's not worth it, putting it in the wall.

Probably one of the cleanest R32 GTR’s on the Dutch roads. The wheels on this R32 are

Volk SE37K, wich you don’t often see under the Skyline’s.

We believe that this combo really looks perfect. The N1 sideskirts with the N1 front bumper and

Fujimura Rocket Dancer front splitter really make this car look beautiful.

Our great partner was present with the brand new Ford F150 and Dodge Challenger SRT. The Challenger just had a new airride suspension from AirRex fitted by Street Customs.

During this event the first round of the Dutch Time Attack took place. This Viper is a unusual but really nice edition to the grid. Unfortunately it didn’t get all of it’s horses to the asfalt.

[Mike Mes]

[Robin Smit]

[Christine van der Velden]

[Samm Dijks]

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