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Heaven on Wheels.

Every year we look forward to the biggest and most awesome show in Belgium called: " Heaven on Wheels", aka: "HOW". Only 2 things that are negative to this great day is the fact that it's a 2//2,5 hour drive so the alarm is set really early and the fact that it's held in the last weeks of the winter. That means they have the risk of really cold temperatures. Fortunately this year the weather was really great. The show takes place in a big parking garage underneath a big shopping mall in Anderlecht. This is the ultimate setting for a show this big. Cars from every angle of Europe gathered this day to make it the best possible 1 day event. Every brand, every style and every culture is represented on this glorious event. We will highlight some of our favorites and like to say that we are coming back next year, that's for damn sure!

Jim's R33 GTR V-Spec is finally done. It may not be the fastest R33 GTR out there but man does this thing look great.

The Jaguar XKR better known as "AngryCat" is an underrated car. But the supercharged V8 sounds like the world is collapsing.

This stunner is just perfect. The white color mixed with a carbon fiber hood, lot's of carbon details and sublime fitment. A winning combo in our book.

Later during the day a selection of 100 cars were selected as the "the top 100" and those cars had a spot "under the bridge" outside the garage.

There we ran into this stunning E46 M3 too. The present day color looks magical on this iconic BMW.

Probably the most desirable Lamborghini Gallardo ever made. The Superleggera, the lightest and most powerful. The color is drool worthy.

The favorite of the day in our opinion could be this Subaru Impreza "Hawkeye". We don't need to say a lot about this beauty. Just relax and take some time to look at this amazing piece of art.

[Samm Dijks]

[Mike Mes]

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