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Racing for Parkinson GT3RS

This GT3RS is not 'just' any other GT3RS, this one is driven where it was made for! Get in it, drive it to the track, blast around the track and head back home without any problems. This GT3RS already has sixty-thousand! Yes you read that correctly... 60k kilometers on the clock. With around fifteen thousand of those kilometers being track driven kilometers. That's insane for a street legal car!

Something else that makes this Porsche stand out from the rest is the racing livery. The Martini inspired livery with a different colour scheme looks stunning with the white and red combined with the yellow accents and colour matching roll cage.

This special car is owned by Frans, a real Dutch car enthusiast, with a heart for speed! This is not his first powerful car though, before the GT3RS Frans owned a Porsche GT2 with a manual gearbox. Some participants will recognise the GT2 as Frans has participated in The RevRun on previous editions with this car.

Credits: NW Media

Unfortunately due to Frans suffering from Parkinsons disease the manual gearbox with the sporty clutch-paddle were no option for Frans anymore. That's when he bought the Porsche GT3RS with the PDK automatic gearbox and paddle shifters on the steering wheel.

Magnus Walker even signed this car! Magnus Walker, the famous American from Urban Outlaw came to Holland in Oktober 2016 and a meet and greet was organised. The true petrolhead Frans is went to the meet and wanted Magnus to sign his car, not a baseball cap or some cheap memorabilia... no his car! Yes that's correct this GT3RS got a signature of Magnus Walker on it's front fender!

That's where Racing For Parkinson comes into play. Frans doesn't let his disease get the better of him and battles it with everything he got. He decided to raise money to find a cure for Parkinsons disease. Even though it might be to late for Frans himself he still wants to help find a cure for it. He started his own foundation named Racing For Parkinson and all the money raised goes into the development of finding a cure. Doing so by organising track days and trips where people can pay Frans and get the possibility to sit behind the wheel of his beloved GT3RS on track!

This year RevWorks will partner up with Racing For Parkinson and we will raise money during our events for this charity. During The RevRun edition 007 we will organise a charity dinner and have an auction. At the auction all participants can bid on special prices and memorabilia of which all the profits go towards Racing For Parkinson. One price is a fully arranged day at Circuit Spa Francorchamps in Belgium where the winner will get to drive the GT3RS around the track! Also a lot of sponsors will donate special prices which will be auctioned off for the benefits of Racing For Parkinson! This really is something you don't want to miss!

Make sure to check out this car during our events in 2020 and if you want to make a donation towards Racing For Parkinson or have something special we can auction of during The RevRun feel free to contact us anytime!

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