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RevWorks goes Essen Motorshow

Every year we make a day of it, the Essen Motor Show. An event where we can just enjoy the cars, the stands and do some networking. We could go bowling, karting or laser gaming but let’s face it… we are car people and this is what we really like. We like to “highlight” some of the stuff we found in the Messe Essen venue.

the famous Ferrari 308 from Kean Suspensions is loved worldwide by modified car enthusiasts. on the flipside though, it gets a lot of flack by the purists. our opinion in this case is that Kean does a great job of “updating” this 308 to today’s standards. With all the carbon details like most Ferrari’s have nowadays. Most people have something to say about the air suspension. Keep in mind that this car is used as a display to show what this awesome suspension company does. Always thinking out of the box. As you also can see with their awesome DeTomas Pantera.

Mike Mes sayd it like 12 times in the crewchat, there on the spot and afterwords. This Hoonicorn was enough for him. The whole venue could be completely empty with just this absolute beast, he wouldn’t mind driving 3,5 hours back and 3,5 hours forth. We can’t argue with him on this one. Hoonicorn V2’s numbers are insane. The twin “Routh” turbo V8 pushes out 1400 towards all 4 wheels. Combined with the fearless Ken Block behind the wheel the Gymkhana & Climbkhana video’s still aren’t getting boring.

Another controversial car on the Essen Motor Show was the Mercedes 190SL from Edelweiss Customs. This must be the sexiest car on the service. This company shows that Air suspension and some subtile changes can make a car stand out from the rest.

The new Supra was well represented at the show. This car on the Levella booth shows that this car that even in Europe there are a ton of possibilities to modify the new already legendary Toyota.

At the Prior design booth we saw this absolute “Boss”. You have to admit that this is wicked stuff.

A Rauh Welt - Begriff that was heard al around the world. From Vegas on the Sema Show to Winning the Tuning Showdown in 2019 and being the promotional car for the Essen Motor Show. This car might be the Post Malone of this era's car scene.

A big thing on the Essen Motor Show is the “TuningXperience” section. This part of the show takes place in the Basement. These cars are for the bigger part privately owned cars and have gone through a tough selection proces. This year we were represented by Roy’s MK5 Golf GTi, Mark’s B18 AWD Mini and Koen’s E30 Turbo.

But the Supra is another story offcourse. Debuting on the biggest show of Europe was a strive. The road towards the show had some obstacles. The engine was already in when Marloes decided that it was not clean enough. long story short, the engine is in and is hooked up and all but the deadline was to short to make it to the tuner. So next time it will run. We can asure you that comparing it with the white one Bas and Marloes also have this car will outpower it. A full story on this car will follow soon.

We had a great time again on this epic show and want to thank Sven Schultz for having us over and selecting the RevWorks related cars!

Of course Leaxy Media made another great video during the event. Don't forget to watch it, you won't regret it at all!

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