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RevWorks Season Starter 2019.

Last weekend we hosted our RevWorks Season Starter at our trusted partner Marlog Car Handling. This was a private event where we launched our new website and Car Community.

Even though the weather wasn’t that great the turnout was awesome, with a lot of beautiful cars on display varying from old legends like the Ford Sierra Cosworth, Toyota Supra and Nissan skyline R33 GTR to brand new cars like the Audi R8, BMW M4 GTS and AMG C63S. While enjoying a nice drink and some food all the guests were loving the location and all the cars.

Marlog also had a lot of cars on display like the amazing Shelby Cobra, white Tron livery Lamborghini Huracan and a lot of older Porsches and Mustangs. It’s always a surprise what kind of cars Marlog has in store for us as their inventory changes on a daily basis.

Overall the day was a great success with a good variety of cars, enjoy the stunning photos made by our RevWorks photographers.

[Robin Smit]

Last weekend I went to my first RevWorks event as a member of the media team. The location was about 2 hours driving but I'm glad I did. the weather wasn't really good but at least nobody cares and showed up with their cars.

I spoke to many people and could do some cool shots. I want to thank everybody for this event and see you next Sunday at Automaxx streetpower.


[Mike Mes]

Last weekend at Marlog Car Handling we had the Season Starter of RevWorks.

There were many familiar faces present at the event but also a lot of new people. It is cool to see that the reputation of RevWorks continues to grow. The diversity of cars at the event was as great as always. From Glanza to R8 V10, there was something for everyone.

The season has started well, and I'm curious what is coming!


[Christine van der Velden]

This weekend was amazing. A lot of people showed up with the same passion. All of this together creates a great day with a lot of cars.


[Nick Witte]

Finally after hibernating the RevWorks Season starter was there!

Held at the location of our sponsor Marlog Car Handling, cheers for that guys!

And an awesome location if you'd ask me, the diversity of cars they import for their customers is astonishing.

Even though the weather wasn't that good the turn-out still was.

It was good seeing so much familiar faces and seeing and meeting new ones as well.

Indoor we had cars standing from a 400HP+ Glanza to a R8 V10, some beautiful and fast Supra's, two Sierra RS Cosworths, a GC8 with some steroids (I will write a blog later on this year about this beast) and of course the Cannabis Energy drink Challenger.

Even outside we had an insane line-up of cars like a couple of M's, another beauty of a GC8, Seat Cupra's, Dave's stunning RS4 and a lot more.

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