Sub_Liminal WRX


Last week me, Robin and Alex went out to shoot this awesome Subaru

WRX owned by a dude named, Sjors.

We didn’t met Sjors in real life yet, so we we’re curious how this would

turn out, but Sjors was a super cool dude with some good humor,

patience and good vibes.

The shoot took place at the marina area of IJmuiden, for me it’s a familiar

place because i work in this area, so i had a numerous spots we could

check out. But the sickest spot in IJmuiden has to wait, we are planning

to do a big shoot with multiple revworks cars on that specific location, so

stay tuned!

After hanging out for a short while, we learned that Sjors was a proper

car enthousiast and that he bought the car bone stock 4 years ago. In

that time he made the car as you see it now in this blog.

A short list of the modifications:

- Multiple OEM STI parts, Perrin spoiler splitters, sideskirts, custom


- BC Racing coilovers with 18’’ 9J Cosmis XT206R racing wheels

- Straight pipe with pops and bangs

- Sabelt rollcage with Takata seatbelts.

The car now has around 280HP on 1.4 bar.



After we made some static shots at some cool spots we decided to do some rolling shots.

After we found a empty road without traffic, we thought: Okay... The idea was awesome but HOW are we going to do rolling shots with a photographer who is almost 2 meters and all we have

is this little Citroen Saxo as a lead car.. Well, check out the photo, and don’t feel sorry for the suspension.

We had a good time with Sjors.

The rolling shots turned out good and we

we’re happy with the results.

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